Lenox Avenue 140-141 Streets

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The marker dedication ceremony, May 26, 2002
Directions to visit the marker
A little bit about the Savoy Ballroom
Tribute to the Savoy Ballroom, September 13, 2003
Coley Wallace (April 5, 1927-January 30, 2005)

Find out about children's book Happy Feet (2005)

"Delano Village" is now "Savoy Park" (2006)

Frankie Manning's autobiography Ambassdor of Lindy Hop (2007)

Look inside a Savoy reservation guide

New!! (Dec 2011)
BBC radio program Swinging at the Savoy
PR material

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- "Wonderful! Young children in Nebraska are learning all about swing dancing and this memorial will be part of their learning experience!!" -

- "James Bond visited the Savoy Ballroom in Live and Let Die and it is extensively described particularly the dancing and a table at which Bond and Felix Leiter (a CIA agent) sit beside the dance floor looking at the dancers." -

- "During the years of 1936 to 1938, my two friends and I would go to the Savoy Ballroom. We were confirmed Lindy Hoppers, and if we got there before 8 p.m. we were allowed inside for 20 cents. We could dance until 4 a.m." - A letter to Smithsonian (Jan, 2003)

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