Thank you………..

(Major donors)

Jay Axelrod

Frankie Manning

Herräng Dance Camp, Sweden (Thank you, Ann Pan)

American Lindy Hop Foundation (Alan Sugarman, Chair)

Larry Schultz (Sandra Cameron Dance Center)

Nathalie Gomes (Hop Skip &a Jump)

Judy Pritchett (

Jules Klapper

Robert Crease and Robert O’Meally along with Chad Fasca, Cynthia Millman and Frankie Manning for the text on the plaque

John Burns (Burns Bros.) for the monument production

Linda Micale (Perkins Eastman) for landscape design

Ellen Parry for invitation design

Miho Koshido, Paolo Lanna, Randy Skrha and Jun Maruta for submitting entries to the plaque design contest

American Ballroom Theater for operating support and equipment

Community Board #10 (Thank you, Stanley Gleaton and Richard Harley)

Reverend Ronald Wells, Kevin van Meter, Bernard Axelrod and Evelyn Blakey for their service at the dedication ceremony

Minisink Townhouse (New York City Mission Society; Thank you Courtney Bennett) for the reception space

Copeland's for catering

J-Jazz Sisters

Bryan Hatchett

Ken Powell


Mark the Savoy was a member of Circum-Arts Foundation, Inc. a not-for-profit organization offering assistance to artists and special projects.